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Utility Master Keys For all Public Utilities

by Charles on 08/24/18

Today, more than ever before public utilities are experiencing various degrees of theft. Whether residential or commercial, one thing is sure and that is that public utilities are always under the threat of being stolen unsuspectingly. That said, one of the best ways to protect public utilities, whether it be gas, water or electric is to use the right type of high-security meter locking key system. While there are a number of different systems available on the market today, it is only the barrel lock along with its plunger or meter key that is sure to protect utilities over the short and long-term. This unique locking system makes it very difficult for thieves to hack or penetrate utilities and ultimately steal gas, electric, water or even solar energy. Best of all, the cylinder barrel lock assembly is long-lasting, durable and designed to last. This combined with a high-tech plunger key tool helps to ensure that your utilities will always be safe. Whether you are a homeowner going on vacation or a contractor looking to protect a job site, nothing quite compares to the amazing barrel lock and its unique meter key. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more.

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