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The Amazing and Versatile Hack-Proof Barrel Lock

by Charles on 05/24/17

There is a unique device known as a barrel lock that uses an even more unique key known as a meter key. This lock and key pair are used mostly for protecting residential home utilities. The lock looks a lot like a cylinder and the key resembles a plunger style key. In addition the key has a protective plastic cap that is put in place when the key is not being used. This is to protect the inner workings of the key from dirt, grime and water. The barrel lock is a tough and strong kind of lock that is very difficult to cut, break or hack. That is why this kind of locking system is used so frequently to ensure that utilities are not stolen. If you are going on vacation for an extended period of time locking your utilities with a barrel lock is a smart way to be sure that no theft will occur while you are away. Contact our company today to learn more about this clever type of lock and meter key pair.

Barrel Lock Meter Key Tools That Last

by Charles on 03/21/17

It is a proven fact that not all lock and key systems are created equal. In fact, many of today's modern lock and key systems are very inferior in a number of ways. Finding the right type of locking system with the correct type of key can ensure that your utilities are protected year round. From gas to electric and water as well as even solar energy, having the right type of lock and key system is essential. One of the best ways to protect your utilities is to use something known as a barrel lock for utility meters. This type of cylinder style locking device is unique and is made specifically for utility panels. Most importantly, this kind of lock requires a special key known as a meter tool or meter key. Even more impressive is the fact that each type of barrel lock has a unique plunger style key that can only be used with that lock. This makes it very difficult for those wishing unauthorized access to your utilities to hack the system. A barrel lock and its associated plunger meter key can protect your utilities over the long and short term.

LA, Electric Utilities Meter Lock key Information

by Charles on 02/10/17

Learn more about LA, Electric Utilities meter lock key basics. This is a type of key that can only be used with a certain type of lock. An electric utilities meter lock key is a plunger type device. The key is essentially injected into the barrel lock and then pulled out as a way to lock or unlock the device. These keys must be well maintained and kept clean. When they are cared for in the proper way they will last a very long time. These keys and the barrel locks they are used with are very durable and tough.


When it comes to the Residential electric & natural gas meter key products it is always a good idea to only work with a reliable source in key tools. We are an experienced team of professionals with years of experience in pairing the right key with the right lock. Call our staff today to learn more about the key that you need to protect gas, electric and water as well as even solar. Choose the best key for your needs and enjoy all that plunger keys and barrel locks.

How A NJ Electric Utilities Meter Lock Key Can Help You

by Charles on 02/08/17

Whether you are a contractor or project developer as well as even a homeowner, having access to the right type of NJ electric utilities meter lock key can ultimately save you a tremendous amount of time, trouble, effort and money. This is simply due to the fact that as energy costs and utility costs continue rising the theft of these services only continues to increase as well. A NJ Electric Utilities meter key combined with the right type of cylinder or barrel lock is the best way to ensure that utilities are never compromised. Contractors pay particular attention to using the right type of LA Electric Utilities meter lock key in the state of California. It is important to note that these keys and their associated cylinder locks must be properly maintained to ensure longevity. In short, the plunger key used to open barrel locks comes with a protective plastic cap or cover. Always use the cap to ensure the dirt, grime, dust and water does not get into the plunger key mechanism. The good news is that your NJ Electric Utilities meter lock key will last for many years when it is properly cared for and maintained.

Utility Master Key Use and Care

by Charles on 01/25/17

A utility master key is a unique type of key designed to work with a specific type of lock. In particular, a master water utility meter key or a master meter key is designed to work with something known as a barrel lock or a cylinder lock. This is a unique and innovative type of locking system is designed mostly for a wide range of modern utilities. From water utilities to electricity and gas as well as even solar power and many other types of applications, the master electrical meter lock key or utility master key has proven to be highly reliable, rugged and durable. Even for the toughest on-site conditions in the field, an electric meter key will work effortlessly and without interruption. One of the most important aspects of keeping this type of key in good condition is to keep it clean and free of dirt and debris. Most modern master water meter keys come with a plastic cap that is designed to protect the key from damage or dirt and water. Learn more about master meter other key products by visiting our website or calling us via the phone number listed on our homepage.