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Master Meter Lock Key Information

This section of the website provides basic information about the master meter lock key. In essence, a master meter key or master electrical meter lock is the type of key that will work with a variety of utilities. Most often, utility master keys are used for gas, electric, water and even solar energy. This type of key is unique in that it is a plunger style key most often used with something known as a cylinder or barrel lock. What makes these keys and their locks so unique is that they are designed to be very difficult to break, hack or defeat. They are most often seen in utility applications and require a specific type of key designed to match the lock that is to be opened. Fortunately, most utility workers carry more than one type of utility key when out in the field. This ensures that all jobs can be handled regardless of the complexity.

Contractors, homebuilders and others in the industry also typically used water-power meter keys or master water and power meter case frequently. Even homeowners can take advantage of all that these unique and durable types of keys and locks make possible. For example, homeowners as well as business owners who will be away for any length of time can simply choose to lock out their utilities so that no theft can occur. A master water meter key or other type of utility key such as a plumbing utility meter key must be sourced from the right type of company to ensure that it will work as advertised. Our team of professionals have years of experience in working with a wide range of meter keys and barrel locks. Contact our team today to find out more.